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Panama Lands

Panama Lands

Panama Lands has a fold by the Caribbean Sea along the north and the Pacific Ocean along the right. It consists of an S-shaped, which is elongated including its coastlines extending to almost 1,290 kilometers or 800 miles and the Pacific Ocean to nearly 1,700 kilometers or 1,060 miles.

Although, a line stretched from Costa Rican to the border of Colombia would broaden to approximately 770 kilometers or 480 miles. The least distance from the Nergal River across the Isthmus is about 50 kilometers or 30 miles. The river dribbles on the Caribbean shore into the Gulf of San Blas.

Drainage and soils

Many small rivers of Panama dribble to the Caribbean, such as Changuinola, Sixaola, Cricamola, Indio, Chagres and La Miel. The rivers that run to the Pacific Ocean are Santa Maria, Chiriqui Viejo, Chucunaque, Tuira, and Chepo. The soil is full of clay and reddish browncolour. They differ in their fertility. If you apply many fertilizers, many crops can flourish uninterruptedly.


There are different conditions of weather on the Pacific and Atlantic sides of western Panama, depending on the seasonal distribution and amount of the rainfall. The Caribbean coast gets almost 50_90 inches per year. The Caribbean side of Panama faces rain approximately throughout the whole year. The Pacific side faces the most seasonal variations, there is a dry season in the driest months, from January to April. Due to the tropical location of Panama lands, the temperature falls below 26 degree Celsius or 78 degree Fahrenheit in the coldest months.

Plant and animal life

There are multiple habitats and landscapes like savannas, rainforests, tidal lands and cool montane forests that are covered with beaches, coral reefs and the mangrove trees. The wildlife of Panama constitutes jaguars and mammals. There is a variety of various species of the turtle who place the eggs on the beach.




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