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Panama properties for sale, Titled or ROP?

Panama properties for sale, Titled or ROP?

Panama properties for sale

Many important aspects must be analized when thinking of buying Panama properties for sale, you read this everywhere on the internet, it is nothing but a reality.

If you have done any reasearch you have heard this 2 terms:

  • Titled property
  • Right of possession property (ROP).

Both are types of property ownership in Panama, both are legal.

Titled property

This form of ownership could be known as deeded property and I am sure you as a reader are familiar with it. It is safe to buy titled property, most of the foreclosures you find in are titled and when it comes down to foreclosed properties we highly recomment for you to bid only on titled Panama properties for sale.

Reasearch on such properties sould be easy for any attorney, all of it is done in the public registry of Panama.

Panama Right of Possession Property

ROP could be bought, but any body buying this type of property needs to be more peculiar with the investigation due to the fact that nothing can be founded on public records. You as a buyer depend on paperwork the owner of the property has to give you to show possession of it. The owner needs to be able to show possession for at least 5 years because this is the requirement to file for a title. Other than this you should take the time to ask the neighbors not only if your seller is the real owner but also make sure that the property lines are where need they to be.

Many attorneys and people will tell you “do not buy ROP becasue it is not safe”, that could be truth if no due dilligence is conducted, we have bought a hand full of non titled properties and have always been succesfull with them, in most cases we got them titled and have sold them for a profit but we made sure we knew what we were dealing with when te purchase was done.

When it comes down to foreclosures listed in we suggest not to bid on properties that are not titled, if you do, stay low with your offer.

There is a lot of information about this matter on many different websites and forums, do research, buy only what you feel safe and comfortable buying, always get a Panamanian attorney to investigate any property you have interest on so you make the right choice.

Panama properties for sale

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