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Puerto Armuelles Real Estate – Interesting town in Chiriqui to check out

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate – Interesting town in Chiriqui to check out

Interesting town in Chiriqui to check out

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate, we have been in Panama for many years and have been to many different areas of the country, all of them are beutiful in a way or the other and we really enjoy visiting them all.

In this post we want to share with you “Puerto Armuelles” in the Chiriqui province of Panama. Puerto, as local people refer to this city is I would say the only beach town in Panama, with everything a town needs to have: hospital, restaurants (not many but a few), hardware stores, banks, fish market, etc.

It is only a 1.15 hour drive from David City and its airport. Population is over 15,000 people mainly locals and there is a growing number of expats and people from other countries that call this place Home, but still has not been taken over by foreigners such other areas like Boquete, Coronado, or Panama city.

We recomend to visit this area if you are looking for calmness and affordable cost of living, you can go out and have lunch for as low as $4.00.

Places to go in Puerto. 

The main attraction in Puerto Armuelles is the beautifull beaches, here is a little list of thouse you should keep in ming during your visit:

  • Corazon de Jesus
  • Melliza
  • Limones
  • Cucuy

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate

Since this website is about properties, it is mandatory to say that there are many options available if you are looking for Puerto Armuelles real estate, not foreclosures but many properties being sold direclty by owner.

Like the many different areas of Panama, Puerto Armuelles real estate is experiencing a larger demand now days, prices are still affordable, we could say the that Puerto is under the radar, but this will not last long.

Stay with us and find really good real estate deals check out our foreclosures in Panama page.

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If you are interested on properties for sale in Puerto Armuelles, we own a few that we would love to tell you about, check them out here



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