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Research of property in public records

Information of titled properties is available on public records, we can research any property of your interest.

Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars for doing this, we can do it for you for a very small amount, we will conduct a search and give you copies of documents taken from public registry of Panama.

Reasons to conduct a property search on public records:

  1. You want to to bid on a property listed in this website and want more information of it.
  2. You want to buy a property and need to research it before spending lots of money paying attorneys to do it for you.
  3. A mortgage has been filed on your property and you want to verify it.
  4. You need to find out if a given person or corporation owns property in Panama.

You will receive a report by email that will include copies of documents taken from public records within 24 hours from payment.

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Non subscribed users $10

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Advertise your business or service in any page of

Every month our website gets thousands of visitors looking for good property deals, take advantage of this by letting them know of your business or service you offer.

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Place a banner in any of the pages of our website to expose your property to     thousands of visitors. Banner will have your contact information so any inquiry goes directly to you.

We know you are serious about selling your property, we take it personal too.

When you advertise your property for sale with us we will make sure everyone know you have for sale by posting it on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google Plus, as a complement we will place it for you on 10 different high traffic classified sites. All of them with your contact information, no extra charge to you.

A report will be emailed to you with links to all the ads so you can verify them.

Only $20 a month

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